News September 30, 2022

IOI Week: Creating backrooms in Glacier

Our Level Designer Thomas Pulluelo created a Backrooms inspired prototype in Glacier during IOI Week.

IOI Week

If you haven’t heard about IOI Week yet, we highly recommend you check out the 2022 recap. It is the definition of creativity for a full week, a moment of pause where everything is possible and the results are amazing!

Disclaimer: This project is only for exploration and learning during IOI Week. This is not related to IOI game projects.

Ever since the backrooms creepypasta blew up on the internet in 2019, I became an instant fan. I followed every content and lately ended up loving the Kane Pixels take on this universe. That’s why when the IOI week started, it made total sense to me to create something related to this disturbing world. I decided to focus on the area called “the Lobby” characterized by the yellow tone walls, the dirty carpet, and the fluorescent buzzing lights.

My goal was to experiment with our in-house engine Glacier, creating a full environment using modular kits and simple materials. I also focused on lighting and post effect/filters to fit the mood as much as possible.

Building the environment in Glacier

This is a light test I did in Glacier during the Hazmat scene creation.

My goal was to find something that looks casual but still feel very disturbing.”

To create many rooms in a small amount of time, I used modular kits. Turned them into blocks, then created small variations of these and the result is what you see.”

Above is an instance of a specific variation that I’ve created for the map’s border. I also created a video to showcase my work and the universe in a better way if you are not too scared:”