This is Malmö

Our Malmö studio opened in 2019, joining the development and shipment of HITMAN 3, HITMAN: World of Assassination and Freelancer. Like all our studios, IOI Malmö is actively working on all our projects.  

IOI Malmö is placed in the heart of inspiring Malmö in Sweden. Sweden is widely known for Eurovision Song Contest, IKEA, and of course – delivering world class video games. Some of the most well-received and highly anticipated games come out of Sweden, and we’re proud to play our part in this! In Malmö you will enjoy unparalleled work-life balance, beautiful coastline and nature, plus a thriving cultural scene makes Malmö a great place to both live and work.

Join us, and become part of an unprecedented community, filled with passion, talent, and meaningful connections!

Relocate trouble free

IOI's relocation service provides safe, stress-free moves with comprehensive support.

We offer a relocation package to help you and your family get settled in and not worry about practicalities. Here are just some of the services we'll take care of:

  • VISA support
  • Work permit
  • Finding an apartment
  • Tax office registration
  • Finding a bank and setting up a bank account


... And much more!

Local employee benefits

We value inclusivity & fairness, so we extend rewards to all team members, regardless of seniority. We succeed together, so we celebrate together.

  • Pension and parental leave scheme
  • 6 Weeks paid vacation annually
  • Private health insurance
  • Hybrid work-from-home scheme and flexible hours
  • Studio-wide bonus program
  • Annual wellness allowance

Working in Malmö

Working at IOI Malmö

Creating impactful and memorable gaming experiences and having fun doing it.

We are an employee-focused studio, and work hard to provide the platform for ideas to become initiatives, and initiatives become reality. We are always looking for ways to get together, whether it’s movie- or board game nights, gardening, crafts/sewing, theme-parties, sports events, the list goes on and on. Our mission is simple: Creating impactful and memorable gaming experiences and having fun doing it. 

We take pride in our continuously blossoming studio culture that, through IOI Malmö’s 5 years of existence, has provided a solid foundation on which we’ve welcomed lots of talented colleagues from around the world. It wouldn’t be possible to have such an inclusive and forward-thinking environment without the most wonderful people, and we hope that you will feel welcome here with us! 

Did we mention that we love games? We have a fully equipped gaming lounge with all the latest games, consoles, and VR equipment. Plus, if you see a game you like in the lounge, you can always borrow it to play at home. 

We are always happy to hear about new initiatives and ideas, a new club and group activity is simply a quick message away! 

Living in Malmö

Quaint and progressive

Malmö is charming, historic, & artistic. Parks, harbor, cobblestone streets & a vibrant arts scene. 450+ restaurants, galleries, & more. Explore on foot, bike, or kayak

International and buzzing with diversity Malmö is a melting pot of talented internationals from over 180 nationalities, thanks to its advanced tech and game development. English is all you need, but the city offers lots of options to learn Swedish. Plus, it's a multicultural paradise with tons of art, music, and delicious food!
Game and tech hub Malmö's game dev scene is thriving! Tons of opportunities to network, learn, & make friends. You'll feel at home no matter where you're from.
Family and work-life balance Malmö is a green, smart city. With a focus on recycling, green transportation it's a city of a sustainable mindset. Our studio is located in the city center near the main train station and is easy to get to.