This is Copenhagen

In November 2016, we opened the doors to a new development studio in the heart of Copenhagen. After many years at our previous location, where we created and released many games, we moved across the city to a new, ultra-modern location nestled in Copenhagen’s most touristic area.

Relocate trouble free

Relocation support

We are committed to providing safe and stress-free relocations.

Whether you are moving alone or with loved ones, our relocation package offers comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition. For those moving from outside of Denmark, our package includes assistance with practicalities so you and your family can focus on settling in.

We offer a relocation package to help you and your family get settled in and not worry about practicalities. Here are just some of the services we'll take care of:

  • VISA support
  • Work permit
  • Finding an apartment
  • Tax office registration
  • Finding a bank and setting up a bank account
  • Spouse integration and career help program


... And much more!

Local employee benefits

We value inclusivity & fairness, so we extend rewards to all team members, regardless of seniority or location. We succeed together, so we celebrate together.

  • Company pension scheme
  • Free private health insurance
  • 6 Weeks paid vacation annually
  • Studio-wide bonus program
  • Hybrid work-from-home scheme and flexible hours
  • Extensive learning opportunities

Working in Copenhagen

Working at IOI Copenhagen

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day, and our own canteen and kitchen staff.”

You know what's great about working here? The sense of community we have. We area creative together, enjoy meals together, have drinks and play games on Fridays -- there's always something fun and engaging to do.

And if you're a gamer, you're in luck! We have a fully-equipped gaming lounge with all the latest games, consoles, and VR equipment. Plus, if you see a game you like in the lounge, you can borrow it to play at home.

Oh and one more thing, we really value family, so we have events like an annual family Christmas day and big summer and Christmas parties. It's a great way to bond with your coworkers and their families too.

Living in Copenhagen

Work to live, not live to work!

Denmark's work culture is all about balance! 37 hr work week & flexible hours mean more time for family, hobbies, relaxation & a happy life outside of work. Trust us, your managers get it and you'll get the hang of it too.

Green, clean, and relaxed Copenhageners live for biking & the environment! With a goal of being carbon-neutral, we all recycle & bike, with great public transport options too. Bike lanes rule & it's the fastest way to get around.
Security, comfort and welfare Copenhagen ain't cheap, but it's worth it! Taxes go towards amazing welfare & public systems like healthcare, education, infrastructure, & digital ease. Plus, trust & happiness make Denmark a top-ranked country.
International, booming urban hub Copenhagen is a cultural paradise! Street parties, music fests, art events galore. Plus, everyone here speaks English fluently, so no language barriers. Our studio is filled with specialists from all over the world, making strong friendships, and often hang out outside of work. Even our Danish colleagues speak English with each other.