News March 10, 2023

IOI Malmö moves into new offices

I’m really proud to see IOI Malmö evolve and grow – not just the space itself but also the people.”
Sandra Mondahl

Our new place, lovingly known as Ö20, has been hand-crafted together with local architects and our landlord to be a tailor-made fit for everyone currently at the studio as well as to welcome more top talent from around the world to join in our impactful journey.

The same awesome team in Malmö will be working on the same exciting projects – but now in a space that is completely their own. We’re talking spaces that inspire creativity, custom-built sound and foley studios kitted out with the best gear you can buy, a workout area to keep us in top shape, a playtest room with every conceivable console and top-spec PCs – plus an official Olympic-sized table tennis table. “Pingis” (Swedish name for the run around the table game) has become part of our daily routine! Oh, and a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of downtown Malmö!

One of the key reasons for finding a new studio was to keep up with our own ambitions plans for growth. Sure, we needed more space but we’re not just looking for more square metres. We took the opportunity to fully re-design how we work. By keeping the cosy feeling that we’re used to and adding some natural elements with a raw feel, we think we’re onto something that feels like ‘us’. Having our own space means that we can go as far as building new staircases to connect people working on different floors and thereby encourage collaboration, creativity, and collective impact on our games, regardless of which project you’re on or in which discipline you work. Creating these bonds across our projects means that our teams can impact each other and our projects can reach new heights. Ultimately, the move is for our team. We want to create a space worthy of our world-class developers and wonderful people so they can focus on making impactful games!

Photo: Mahmoud, Sandra and Kajsa.

One of the driving forces behind this exciting project is Sandra Mondahl, IOI Malmö’s Studio Manager. As one of the very first people at IOI Malmö back in 2019, the drive to establish a studio culture has been one of her focuses from the beginning.

“I’m really proud to see IOI Malmö evolve and grow – not just the space itself but also the people. We’ve built an incredibly strong culture in the last few years, and it’s been a pleasure to be part of that and now take an exciting step forward with a new studio that will give our team in Sweden the surroundings they deserve to make great games.” - Sandra Mondahl.