News April 26, 2023

Welcoming Zsolt Avery-Tierney to Project Fantasy

We're embracing the differences in the cultures that everybody can bring to the project and their team. - Zsolt Avery-Tierney”

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Welcome to the team

"We are thrilled to introduce Zsolt, our new Animation Director on Project Fantasy. Zsolt brings a dynamic perspective and empathy to our team and is known for his exceptional leadership skills. His kind and approachable demeanor allows for a collaborative work environment that fosters creativity and innovation. With over two decades of games experience in both animation and the fantasy genre, Zsolt is well-versed in all aspects of his craft and is committed to delivering the highest quality work. We are confident that his expertise and vision, alongside the already talented Animation team will take Project Fantasy to new heights." - Karim Boussafa, Executive Producer on Project Fantasy