News February 9, 2024

Accessibility in Games with Google Developer Group Malmö

IO Interactive and GDG Malmö are coming together for a special event focused on Accessibility. Joshua Flitcroft, Senior UI Programmer at IO Interactive, will be diving into the topic of "Creating Accessible Experiences".

Joshua Flitcroft is a Senior UI Programmer at IO Interactive. Joshua is a strong advocate for accessibility and started a multitude of initiatives that bring awareness and tools that integrate accessibility in IOI's game development. In this talk, Joshua will be diving into Accessibility in games covering some of the basics, sharing how IOI's Accessibility Pillars are guiding development internally, and showing the best approaches for creating Accessible experiences that can benefit all gamers.

The knowledge sharing and learning will end with a Q&A with Joshua, followed by pizzas and drinks sponsored by your host. There will be an opportunity to mingle at the end.

Joshua, IO Interactive developers and Google Developer Group are looking forward to welcoming you all at IOI Malmo!

Learn more and register to the event here.