HITMAN 2 Patch Notes

November is all about celebrating the one year anniversary of HITMAN 2.

The November Update is the final planned patch for the game and to make sure that the game is in a good place for the future, we’ve kept the number and magnitude of fixes low, which will enable us to continue ramping up our work for the next Hitman game.

With 13 months already in the bank, our live support for HITMAN 2 will continue into 2020 with Featured Contracts, Curated Contracts and re-activated Elusive Targets.

Release Details and Server Maintenance

The November Update (aka 2.72.0) will arrive on November 19 and we expect it to be under 1 GB on all platforms. There will be server maintenance at the usual times between 11:00 and 15:00 UTC to prepare for this release. Stay tuned to the @IOInteractive Twitter page for updates.

Please be aware that the in-game version numbering (2.72.0) might differ from the update name that is used by your console. 

Game Update 2.72.0: What’s Changing?

Emetic Throw
We’ve fixed an issue where the game could crash when detonating the Remote Emetic Gas Device whilst it was inside a briefcase, and then attempting to throw the briefcase at someone.

Metal Works
We have fixed an issue in Mumbai where Agent 47 would be prevented from entering the roof when dressed as a metal worker, even though he would not be considered trespassing when using a different route to the roof.

Detonation Localisation
We’ve fixed a communityreported issue where the detonator for the Remote Emetic Gas Device was not localised in some languages.

Mumbai Beach
We’ve fixed a community-reported issue where items in the Beach Stash in Mumbai were misaligned to the interaction prompt.

Usypiacz Tranquillante
We’ve fixed a community-reported issue where the Kalmer-1 pistol was using an incorrect name and description in Polish and Italian.

Time to Get Down
We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Vertigo’ challenge from the Thriller Night Challenge Pack would not unlock in Contracts Mode, despite the conditions being met.

Grammar Pirates
We’ve fixed a community-reported issue where the pirate map parts in Haven Island were described using incorrect grammar.

Russian Haven
We’ve made a change to the localised name of “Haven Island” for players using the Russian language, based on community feedback and input from our Russian localisation experts.

Plumber’s Problems (Legacy)
We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Tightening the Screws’ challenge from the Plumber’s Apprentice Challenge Pack would pop-up in-game as completed, despite the conditions not actually being met and the challenge remaining locked.

Patient Zero (Legacy)
We’ve fixed an issue where players on Xbox One would disconnect from the game’s server after successfully completing the Patient Zero mission in the HITMAN 1 GOTY campaign.


PC-Specific Notes

AMD FidelityFX
We have added support for AMD’s FidelityFX Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening. This algorithm recovers high frequency features lost during temporal anti-aliasing to provide a rich, detailed image. All players can take advantage of this support, regardless of their choice of graphics card. This can be toggled between Off, Weak, Moderate or Strong in the ‘Graphics’ Menu.

DX12 CPU Usage
We have reduced CPU usage, which can improve framerates in certain CPU bound situations. In addition, GPU memory usage has been significantly reduced on NVIDIA cards.

DX12 Shader Cache
We have made some changes that will reduce the time it takes to launch the game on DX12, especially the first time after upgrading a graphics driver, downloading a game update or a completely fresh launch.


Known Issues (2.72.0)

We’ve listed some of the game’s known issues below, so that you know we’re aware. We’ve always got eyes on the Technical Support and Bug Report threads on the Forums and Reddit too, so if you’ve reported something there, we almost definitely know about it. Our November Update (2.72.0) is the final patch planned for HITMAN 2 and all remaining known issues will therefore be placed into the HITMAN 2 backlog. 

To save us from writing it repeatedly, “We are aware of an issue where…”

  • PC players are experiencing “0x8000000_” (and related) crashes
    Status: We recommend that players who have been experiencing this issue use DX12, as this has been reported to fix the issue. At this time, we don’t have a specific fix planned, however we have been made aware of some community workarounds that may ease the issue for people continuing to encounter this issue.
  • The SA rating is not failed when a dead body is found, if a tranquilizer was used before the lethal kill
    Status: This is an issue with many components and to avoid creating any further issues, we have decided to place this issue in the HITMAN 2 backlog.
  • Fire extinguishers (and propane flasks) do not explode when an explosive is detonated on them
    Status: This issue is situationally dependent on certain factors – including how many items there are in the room and the radius of the potential explosion.
  • ‘Hold my Hair’ challenges are difficult to complete due to emetic poison causing NPCs to find the nearest trashcan (rubbish bin) instead of a toilet
    Status: We have made some hand-crafted tweaks to the set-up for specific trashcans to allow challenges to be completed more reliably, namely those in Hokkaido that are needed to complete the Snow Festival Challenge Pack. A global fix for all trashcans has now been added to the HITMAN 2 backlog.
  • Terminus Suit (Elusive Target unlock) is not unlocked immediately after completing an ET with a Silent Assassin rating
    Status: This is a known issue that will potentially affect a small number of players for each Elusive Target. Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce the issue and therefore fix it to prevent it from happening. However, we will ‘fix’ the issue at the end of each Elusive Target by awarding the suit to everyone that unlocked it. This process can take up to 48 hours from the end of the Elusive Target ending.

November Content Roadmap

Celebrations are in full swing for HITMAN 2’s Anniversary! A jam-packed month of content swung into action with The Breaking and Entering Challenge Pack. Since then, we’ve also released Legacy Challenge Packs and Escalations, a new Escalation in Santa Fortuna and 10 Featured Contracts (plus a bonus one!) across multiple locations.
Don’t miss The Bartholomew Hornswoggle later in the month to unlock your very own Buccaneer suit! #Ahoy!