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Gammel Mønt 4 DK-1117 Copenhagen Denmark Östergatan 20 SE-211 25 Malmö Sweden C/ Enric Granados 84 08008 Barcelona Catalonia Spain Kolektif House Maslak 42 Maslak, Maslak Mah. 34485 Maslak, Sarıyer, İstanbul Türkiye

Agent 47

The world’s top assassin

Agent 47 is exceptionally intelligent with superior instincts and reflexes. A pattern recognition expert, master of disguises and social chameleon, he is a ghost. Rarely noticed and never remembered.

As a result of his tragic past, 47 lacks empathy and is acutely aware of this. He has “outsourced” his conscience to his long-time handler, Diana Burnwood.

Together, 47 and Diana have developed a signature way of working where targets die in tragic accidents or vanish without a trace, and the contracts are carried out with artistry, surgical precision and zero collateral damage. For this reason, 47 boasts a perfect ICA record and remains, at the very most, an urban legend.