Diana Burnwood

Diana Burnwood is the handler to Agent 47 and his closest human connection.

A sublime analyst with a razor-sharp mind, an inquisitive nature and a bone-dry wit, Diana has a strong sense of justice born from tragedy. When Diana was twelve, her younger brother James died from chemical poisoning. The company responsible for the fatal leak, got away scot-free but Diana’s parents never stopped digging. When they came across a whistleblower willing to testify, the company ordered the Burnwoods killed in a car bomb. Diana witnessed the whole thing.

Disillusioned with the justice system, she eventually gravitated towards the ICA and enlisted in the handler program, where she met an amnesiac young 47. Diana strives to honour and uphold her father’s guiding principle that “no one is untouchable” and she targets only those who are powerful, guilty, and deserving.