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Gammel Mønt 4 DK-1117 Copenhagen Denmark Östergatan 20 SE-211 25 Malmö Sweden C/ Enric Granados 84 08008 Barcelona Catalonia Spain Kolektif House Maslak 42 Maslak, Maslak Mah. 34485 Maslak, Sarıyer, İstanbul Türkiye

The Constant

Small and inconspicuous, The Constant is the top controller and chief strategist of Providence. His mild, soft-spoken demeanour hides a terrifying intellect. Devious, calculating and a master manipulator, he has meticulously erased his own past in order to become invisible and untraceable.

He ranks among the most powerful individuals in the world. Yet his smug and patronizing demeanour hides a deep-seated inferiority complex. A middle class meritocrat who values diligence and dedication, his greatest fear is that his elitist bosses will never acknowledge him as an equal.