News January 11, 2022

HITMAN 3 - Year 2 Reveal

HITMAN 3 – Year 2 starts on 20 January 2022 and we’re excited to reveal more of what we’ve been working on. Watch the full Year 2 Reveal Stream now for all of the announcements, reveals and never-before-seen footage of new content coming to the World of Assassination in 2022. Then, read on for more details.

Elusive Target Arcade

Release: January 20

Elusive Target Arcade is a brand new game mode that takes the Elusive Target concept to the next level, mixes up the formula and introduces new challenges and unlockable rewards – all whilst keeping the essence of what makes Elusive Targets exciting and interesting to play.

There are several significant changes to the mode here: Each Arcade Contract now tasks you with taking down consecutive Elusive Targets, one contract after the other. Each one must be completed to proceed to the next – and there are additional complications added to the contract as well.

If you fail an Arcade Contract at any point, there will be a 12-hour lockout before you can retry the contract again from the start. This lockout enables us to keep the high-stakes gameplay that is a hallmark of Elusive Targets, whilst also giving players a clear indication of when they are able to play a particular Elusive Target again.

Crucially, Arcade Contracts are permanent additions to HITMAN 3. Once we add one to the game, they won’t go away.

Our aims with this game mode are; to give players the chance to engage and play Elusive Target content more frequently, provide a new challenge for long-time players in the Elusive Target game mode, create a new type of recurring content that will reward players with desirable unlocks.

When HITMAN 3 – Year 2 begins on January 20, the Arcade will also be open with a total of 3 Arcade Contracts, each one with Elusive Targets from a specific game in the World of Assassination trilogy. As you can see in the screenshot, the Ellipses Arcade Contract has three targets from HITMAN 3. Two other Arcade Contracts will also be available on January 20 with targets from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 respectively.

As we move through the year, more Arcade Contracts will be added to the Arcade. We can’t wait to see our players take on this new challenge!


Release: January 20

HITMAN VR comes to PC, and once again we’re supporting the entire World of Assassination trilogy. If you can access HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 within HITMAN 3, you can play it all in VR.

With PC VR, we’re supporting the most popular hardware to deliver the best experience to as many players as possible. Our goal is to hit the benchmark for interaction and gameplay that PC VR players are looking for – all with the Hitman style and freedom that our game offers.

We’ve incorporated VR specific setups to some Hitman controls to make them feel as intuitive as possible and natural during gameplay. For example, you use two hands to throw items; aim with your left and ‘fling and release’ with your right. Whether you throw straight-on, a ninja-like sidethrow or any other way, it’s going to feel satisfying.

Combining the use of two hands with the freedom to move your body and huge sandbox locations is a recipe for creativity and chaos. We’ve seen our own developers adapt karate-stances, embrace their inner boxer and even just play around with how our AI and game world reacts to the new-found freedom of VR.

Take a look for yourself at an extended gameplay clip of HITMAN VR on PC recorded by Senior Game Designer, Eskil Møhl.

In combat and more action-packed moments of the game, that freedom of movement really comes in to play and you are able to control the situation yourself, rather than our animations taking over. When it clicks, it’s great and sometimes you feel like an idiot – but sometimes, that’s Hitman.

PC VR will be available for all HITMAN 3 owners when Year 2 begins on January 20. Full details on supported hardware is available via our PC VR Player Support Page.

Technology Improvements

Release: Later in 2022

HITMAN 3 – Year 2 is a fantastic opportunity for us to unleash some of the technical improvements that we’re continuing to make to our Glacier technology.

One of the most notable enhancements to the game will be the option to enable Ray Tracing on PC later this year. With better reflections and better shadows, our locations are going to look better than ever.

HITMAN 3’s opening level in a Dubai skyscraper is a fantastic showcase of how Ray Tracing improves the visual fidelity because of the volume of reflective surfaces in a small area. Equally so, the rainy Chongqing location later in the game looks especially impressive.

When it is made available in HITMAN 3 on PC later this year, Ray tracing will be enabled for all locations in the World of Assassination trilogy.

Screenshot not representative of Ray Tracing

In addition to Ray Tracing, our ongoing partnership with Intel means that we will also be one of the first development studios in the world to implement Intel’s XeSS technology, which uses machine learning to deliver more performance with exceptional image quality.

Finally, we’ll be implementing VRS (Variable Rate Shading) to boost PC performance by shading at different frequencies in different parts of the image, putting more power where it has the most impact.

HITMAN Trilogy

Release: January 20

Now that the trilogy is complete, we’re excited to unveil HITMAN Trilogy as a way for new players to get started in the World of Assassination. This collection brings together HITMAN 1, HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3 into a single package, making it easier than ever to take your first steps to becoming Agent 47.

HITMAN Trilogy will be available digitally on January 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Epic Games Store. As well as Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Let’s talk more about these new platforms.

HITMAN 3 arrives on Steam to coincide with the start of Year 2 and will have full support for PC VR and all of the technical improvements that we mentioned earlier, such as Ray Tracing, XeSS and Variable Rate Shading. We’re working on support for Steam Achievements and Trading Cards too – plus we’ll be including the Trinity Pack (the HITMAN 3 pre-order bonus) for free with all editions of HITMAN 3 for the first 30 days.

The HITMAN Trilogy will be available with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on January 20, giving you everything you need to jump straight into the World of Assassination. We’re excited to welcome a wave of new players to enjoy the full trilogy through new platforms and services. More details are on our HITMAN Trilogy Player Support Page.

HITMAN Freelancer

Release: Spring 2022

Freelancer is a brand new, single-player mode coming to HITMAN 3 that introduces roguelike elements, strategic planning and a customisable safehouse.

Let’s start by exploring one of the new maps coming to HITMAN 3 in Year 2: Agent 47’s Safehouse. This playable space is an entirely different type of location and we’ve never built anything like it before.

It’s customisable and allows you to choose exactly what type of Hitman you are (or want Agent 47 to be!). As you progress through Freelancer, more areas of the Safehouse can be unlocked and new customisation options will become available.

You can configure and customise the safehouse to your exact specifications and spend as much time as you want there. Whether you want to pick out a new suit, browse and test your weapons at the firing range or make changes to your décor, it’s all possible.

The Safehouse is also an important space because all of your pre-mission planning takes place there.

After exploring the safehouse, it’s time to work. 47 will have access to a ‘mission hub’ where he can view all of the currently available Freelancer campaigns, each one representing a criminal enterprise that is prominent across the World of Assassination. It’s entirely your choice which campaign you pick and each one will take you on a globetrotting campaign to a selection of locations.

For each campaign, you need to choose the order you want to play the missions. After each mission, you’ll return to the safehouse to restock, resupply and strategically plan your next move. Whichever location you leave until last will be where you’ll corner the Leader of the enterprise. Blow their cover, eliminate them, and the campaign is complete. You get paid and return to your safehouse.

Campaign missions have been reworked to fit the Freelancer mode. For example, locations will have new NPC types, that can either help or hinder your progress. Suppliers will offer a selection of weapons and items that you can acquire to increase your chances of success, whereas other NPCs will alert Leaders and make your job more difficult.

In addition to these NPCs, there are several other elements that will make the Freelancer campaigns unique. You’ll be able to find safes, hidden stashes and even other NPC Assassins…

Unlike the main Hitman campaign, your gear in Freelancer is not persistent. Anything you bring on a mission and don’t bring back to the safehouse, will be lost. (If you thought you were attached to your Silverballer before, wait until you’ve left it in Dartmoor and it’s gone. For good.) Looking for gear at a Supplier is one way to restock your inventory, or replace a lost treasure.

Consumables, such as explosives or poison syringes, will also need to be restocked, since there’s no supply from the ICA in Freelancer.

We’re excited about Freelancer giving players a persistent and infinitely replayable experience that is entirely their own; from customising their safehouse to match their style or mood, configuring and strategically planning for campaigns through to picking a playstyle with all of their gear on the line.

HITMAN Freelancer is coming to HITMAN 3 – Year 2 this Spring. We’ll have more details to share leading up to its release.

New Map. Codename: Rocky

Release: Later in 2022

Agent 47 just doesn’t stop travelling. More details about this new map, codenamed ‘Rocky’, will be revealed later in Year 2.