News February 7, 2024

IOI Week 23: Miasma

IOI Week is a studio-wide creative tradition. It’s a week where we focus on creativity, innovation and togetherness by creating space for fun and exploration. Disclaimer: Miasma was entirely made in Glacier, reusing HITMAN assets. It was made for exploration and learning and is not related to any IOI game projects. Everything was created in 4 days for IOI Week and presented on August 22nd, 2023.

Intro by Thomas Pulluelo, Senior Level Designer, and Project Lead on Miasma. 

Following last year's Backrooms Prototype Project, 23 ambitious IOI developers collaborated to craft a new, exhilarating project for IOI Week. They united to create an atmospheric horror experience in which players assume the role of a detective entangled in her own nightmares. 


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