Five years of impact

Today marks a special occasion for IOI Malmö, as we celebrate the studio turning five years old!

IOI Malmö has been an essential component of IOI's operations since its inception in 2019. As part of our collective effort and alongside our four other studios, IOI Malmö has played a significant role in the successful launch of HITMAN III, HITMAN World of Assassination, and the new Freelancer mode, all of which were critically acclaimed.

The teams in Malmö also currently contribute to the development of our upcoming games Project 007 and Project Fantasy with the aim of creating amazing experiences for our players. IOI Malmö also hosts part of the team that focuses on Glacier, our game engine and the backbone used to create all our games. Over the past five years, IOI Malmö has also been nominated for the Malmö Greater Copenhagen Business Award, expanded its facilities to accommodate its growing team, and hosted some incredible events and parties.

The road ahead

I am immensely proud of the team, the projects, and the culture which has blossomed at IOI Malmö”

"Seeing the halls full of such ambitious, aspirational and inspiring people who make up our unique environment by continuously bringing their very best to our projects fills me with joy. We have found the sweet spot between community and connection which then drives excellence and impact on the projects. We see it clearly in our newest Freelancer mode for World of Assassination. As always, the best is yet to come with Project 007 and Project Fantasy, and I look forward to the next five years where we will continue to perfect what we have created!” shared Sandra S. Mondahl, Studio Manager at IOI Malmö. 

Class photos

To kick off the celebrations, we started with a “Class of” style photoshoot with our team, going from our first team members from 2019 to gathering all members based in Malmö.


We also took some time with our team to chat and reminisce about their time spent at IOI Malmö in the following video and below:
Impactful games by impactful people

Quotes from Malmö devs

One thing that resonates with everyone working at IO Interactive is our motto: Impactful games by impactful people. With a legacy of 25 years of critically acclaimed games, we set high standards for our work and strive to create groundbreaking games in every possible aspect. The team at IOI Malmö consists of ambitious and skilled individuals who share a passion for creating unforgettable games. With over 30 different nationalities represented within the ranks of IOI Malmö, we attract talent from around the world to bring unique perspectives and skill sets.

As Jakob Svenningsen, Junior Technical Designer, puts it, we have a “great professional environment filled with kind people who always want to help out”.

Malmö was an obvious choice to start our second studio. The other great studios established in the area, the local schools as well as the organizations fostering the development of game studios are all catalysts for a great ecosystem that we are proud to be a part of. Since its inception, IOI Malmö has thrived in that context and has become a bright spot for the local gaming community. As Max Forsberg, Level Designer, puts it, If you are looking to work with highly ambitious people then IOI Malmö is the place to be.

Following steady and organic growth, our Malmö team moved in 2023 into a bright and shining new studio, where we provide a space worthy of our world-class developers, allowing them to express their creativity in optimal conditions. Joshua Flitcroft, Technical Designer, describes IOI Malmö as: “A space, where you get to make some great games, with lots of great people. A space where you're encouraged to get together with people and create new memories. A space that sees its employees as people, and not just resources or cogs in the machine."

Whilst we very much enjoy our big events, we also cherish smaller moments too, such as our regular Friday bar, where the teams can join and get the table tennis rackets out to play some pingis (‘round the table). Communities, clubs, and activities also play a big part in the daily life of people part of IOI, from dance, language, board games, gardening, cooking, or bouldering, there is a very high chance you can find a club that suits your interests!

There are a lot of activities. some Friday evenings are a lot of fun, talking to people and playing games together. Me and some of my colleagues have joined dance classes which I really enjoy! shared Garima Chauhan, Character Artist. 

Wishes from the team

To conclude, our team had some birthday wishes to share with our dear studio

And some last thoughts from Sandra: “I would like to express my gratitude to the IOI Malmö team and all our studios for making every day enjoyable. We will continue to give our best and strive for excellence for many more years.”  

Happy 5 years IOI Malmö!