News February 12, 2024

Launching Women's Mentorship Program with ITU

A new program

We are delighted to announce the creation of a brand-new mentorship program with the IT University of Copenhagen, bringing our support to the future of the gaming industry.  

We, at IO Interactive, believe every person should have access to equal opportunities and that the gaming industry can benefit from becoming more diverse. Being part of the Employer’s Panel at ITU, we are constantly seeking ways to support students in being impactful. We are thrilled that we could set up this partnership with ITU Games and contribute to increasing diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. 

This new Women’s Mentorship program will provide graduating students from ITU Games with mentors from IOI, who will serve as their role models. The mentorship will include one-to-one conversations, where our mentors will offer guidance, support, and direction to the participating students.

Meet the mentors

The first two mentors who will be participating in the program on IOI’s part are Cristina Vega, Executive Technical Producer and Jacob Mikkelsen, Principal Level Designer. Cristina has been a staunch advocate for inclusion in the gaming industry, participating in many mentorship programs and being a regular public speaker on that very topic. Cristina’s career started in computer science, where she worked many years in the tech industry. She has a first-hand experience of the gender imbalance that persists. Jacob has been an integral part of IOI’s history.

Jacob joined IO Interactive more than 20 years ago and has become a driving force behind the creativity and unique design of IOI’s games.

A word from Hanna Wirman

Hanna Elina Wirman, Head of Study Program for the Games Master at ITU shared the following about the new program: “Through a women's mentorship program, we can address the inequalities existing in the games industry from one angle, while also keeping in mind that systemic change needs much more than helping out individuals. It is reassuring that we are doing this together, hand in hand, with our industry partners. Diversity and inclusion are our shared goals.  


We are looking forward to helping students in their goal to become more integrated in the gaming industry.