Patch Notes June 27, 2024

HITMAN - June patch notes


Welcome to the June Patch Notes of 2024 for HITMAN World of Assassination. This new season will see the arrival of a brand-new Elusive Targe, the mysterious Disruptor featuring global superstar Conor McGregor.

But that is not all! Alongside the arrival of this new Elusive Target, we are also introducing 4 new challenges inspired by our community over at, a new premium DLC featuring cosmetics inspired by the new Elusive Target, a new Twitch Drop to complete your all-purple look, returning Elusive Targets, and we’ll be bringing back the Dartmoor Garden Show event.  



HITMAN World of Assassination will be updated to version 3.190 on all platforms; PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Switch. 

Maintenance: Starts at 10:00 UTC and is expected to run until at least 13:30 UTC. Starts: 10:00 UTC / 11:00 CEST.  
Patch Release Time: 11 am UTC (This is when the download will roll out, but servers will not be available until the above Maintenance period has concluded).

Patch size: Between 1.6-3.6GB on all platforms.

Cloud: Switch players do not need to download or install the patch. They will get access to the latest version when they launch the game after maintenance has concluded.  


Elusive Target: The Disruptor feat. Conor McGregor

Global Superstar Conor McGregor stars in our brand-new Celebrity Elusive Target. MMA fighter and multi-millionaire, The Disruptor’s background is shrouded in mystery. It seemed like he came out of nowhere and quickly dominated the scene. He himself was particularly guarded about his past and his real identity, turning either to violent outbursts or intensely guarded when confronted about it. Will you be able to take him down? 

Free Starter Pack players will have a chance to experience the Disruptor mission in The Ostentasious - a Two-level Arcade contract featuring The Disruptor Elusive Target, available for free to everyone. In this game mode, players will be tasked with multiple escalating missions, upon failure, progress will restart from the first level and the contract will be locked for 12 hours until the player can attempt to play the contract again. The original ‘one chance only’ Elusive Target will only be available to World of Assassination players.

Here is how to access the HITMAN Free Starter Pack for new players: 

On Steam, you can download the “HITMAN Free Starter Pack” on HITMAN World of Assassination's Steam page, at the following link.

On Epic Games Store, you can download the HITMAN World of Assassination Free Starter Pack at the following link.

On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you can download the HITMAN World of Assassination Free Starter Pack at the following link.

On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, you can download the HITMAN World of Assassination Free Starter Pack at the following link.

Additionally, we will be releasing a brand new DLC pack to all platforms, The Disruptor Pack which includes The Ostentatious, a two-level Arcade contract featuring The Disruptor as well cosmetic items, priced at $4.99/€4.99/£3.99. The Disruptor Pack includes:    

  • The Disruptor Fur Coat  

  • The Disruptor Kettlebell  

  • The Disruptor Resistance Band  

  • The Disruptor Cane  

  • The Ostentatious – An Arcade contract featuring The Disruptor Elusive Target.  

  • A set of cosmetics for the Freelancer Safehouse inspired by the iconic Elusive Target mission, including the iconic Money Pit 

The Disruptor Elusive Target will be available for approximately 4 weeks from June 27th

June 27 - Twitch Drop: Purple Streak Suitcase 

Alongside the launch of The Disruptor, we will be releasing a brand-new Twitch Drop, The Purple Streak Suitcase. Link your Twitch account to your IOI account, and simply watch your fellow Agents on Twitch to unlock this brand-new item. For a reminder on how to earn this reward:  

  1. Link your IOI Account to your Twitch account.

  1. Watch a cumulative 1 hour of HITMAN World of Assassination on Twitch between June 27th and July 7th, 2024.

  1. Any streamer playing under the HITMAN World of Assassination category on Twitch is eligible for Twitch Drops. 

Please be aware, that both the Streamer and the viewer must link their accounts before progress can be made towards earning the Purple Streak Suitcase. For more details, please see our Twitch Drops FAQ. 

We will also be reviving both of our previous Twitch Drops to celebrate the release of the Disruptor for anybody who missed the chance to get those items last time. For more details, please see our Twitch Drops FAQ. 

New Challenges

June 27 - New Challenge: Rotten Fruit
Use a potent fruit to take down your target in order to unlock a new item! 

August 1 - New Challenge: Mystery of the Unicorns
Use a mystical item to take down a target during the Dartmoor Garden Show to unlock a new weapon. 

August 1 - New Challenge: Sapienza Sports Club
Appeal to your sporty side during the World of Tomorrow mission to complete this challenge and unlock a new weapon. 

August 15 - New Challenge: A Fine Vintage
Keep yourself calm and composed for this challenge with The Farewell mission to unlock a new item.


Event: July 25 - Dartmoor Garden Show

If you’re enjoying the World of Assassination as a Free Starter Pack player, then you can look forward to a Garden Show you’ll never forget. Visit or revisit Dartmoor from HITMAN 3 as it’s completely changed into a beautiful Garden Show with flowers from across the globe.

The Dartmoor Garden Show is a unique Escalation Contract styled seasonal event introduced with HITMAN 3. It takes place in a reimagined version of Dartmoor during a garden show where Agent 47 must eliminate both judges and contestants. 

Welcome to the Season of The Disruptor 

Alongside the above content, we will also be releasing 5 returning Elusive Targets, and two new rounds of curated Feature Contracts for you to enjoy.  

We cannot wait to see how you all take on The Disruptor, and cannot wait bring you more surprises throughout the rest of 2024 



And my axes
Fixed an issue where the Ice Axe and ICA Combat Axe could not be brought in-game from the start as part of Agent 47’s Gear.  

And my SMG's
Fixed an issue where the Brine-Damaged SMG and the Scrap SMG could not be picked up as a concealed weapon from the start of a mission.

And my fruit
Fixed an issue where the banana item could not be picked up as a concealed weapon from the start of a mission. 


Lost in translation
Fixed a typo in the description of the Codename 47 Challenge Pack, with the location now written as “Carpathian Mountains, Romania” instead of “Carpatian Mountains, Romania”. 

Not the droid you are looking for
Fixed a typo in the description of the Kronstadt Mini Flash Robo XOI-2900 from The Undying Pack. 


Ocean's 47
Fixed an issue in The Collector Elusive Target mission, where the painting shown in The Painting Challenge did not match the one that has to be retrieved during the mission.

We're going to need another boat
Fixed an issue in the Safehouse, where the speedboat unlocked at level 19 and level 37 would swap when playing a cinematic. 


Fixed an issue on Nintendo Switch which caused the game to crash when booting up the game. 


Twitch Drops  
Fixed an issue where Nintendo Switch users were not able to unlock Twitch Drops.