Roadmaps October 4, 2023

HITMAN - Anniversary Roadmap

IO Interactive is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month! To mark the occasion, we have prepared a range of exciting new content for players to enjoy. This includes a brand-new Elusive Target featuring the renowned international DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas, as well as multiple new challenges with unique suit rewards. Additionally, we are introducing our first-ever Twitch Drop, bringing more excitement to the game. Furthermore, there will be the return of some fan-favorite Elusive Targets, player-curated contracts, and a game update.

Premium Anniversary Content

October 26

Codename 47 Challenge: Unlock The Codename 47 Suit

The Fashion of yesterday always comes back in style! Visit various locations in the World of Assassination whilst fulfilling various challenges to unlock the Retro Codename 47 Suit.  

October 26

New Challenge: A Nightmare in Hawkes Bay

Frighten your friends with this delightful Halloween outfit, featuring a sturdy and elegant trench coat and an amazing lifelike Jack-O-Lantern mask.  

To unlock this seasonal suit, you’ll need to sharpen your skills with the Bat Shuriken to complete this brand-new challenge. 

October 27

New Elusive Target: The Drop feat. Superstar DJ Dimitri Vegas

A brand-new Elusive Target mission for HITMAN World of Assassination featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas. 

Dimitri Vegas will take on the role of “The Drop” – a DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another. Your objective is to eliminate Alexios Laskardis, but you will only have one chance in this limited time mission. 

October 27

Twitch drop: Purple Streak Suit

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of IOI, we’ll be launching our very first Twitch Drop. Watch other players take on the new Elusive Target on October 27 live on Twitch to unlock the stylish Purple Streak Suit. 

October Content

October Game Update

Game Update 3.170

Game Update 3.170 is set to arrive end of October. It will feature fixes, tweaks and QoL improvements – but the specifics will come later through the patch notes closer to release date.

October 5

New Challenge: Faster than Rocco

Speed is the name of the game in this challenge, Complete ‘The Last Yardbird’ Sniper Assassin mission in 1 minute 47 seconds, or less to unlock the Sniper Challenge Suit, a classic combination of white shirt, black pants, and red tie. Featuring black gloves for a better grip.

October 13

Elusive Target: Bad Boy

Sapienza by night with a huge movie set and a former musician-turned-gangster who’s in hiding from the police. Take him out in this limited time mission. 

October 20

Elusive Target: The Food Critic

Wen Ts'ai is a food critic infamous across the Pacific Rim, and beyond. His harsh criticism has made the critic many enemies in the culinary world. He’ll be reviewing the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok this month. Your task: Assassinate The Food Critic.