Roadmaps September 7, 2023

HITMAN - September Roadmap

September has arrived in the World of Assassination with Featured Contracts, Elusive Targets and two new challenges that reward brand new suits – both inspired by events of the HITMAN 3 campaign!

September Content

September 7

New Challenge: Dagger! Dagger!

After the events of the opening campaign mission of HITMAN 3, Agent 47 and Lucas Grey are taking shelter in the streets surrounding the Burj-Al Ghazali in Dubai. Through this cutscene, Agent 47 is appropriately dressed to avoid the heat, with cargo trousers, rolled-up sleeves and a partisan scarf.

Unlock the Trendy Tourist Suit by completing the Dagger! Dagger! challenge, which tasks you with returning to Dubai and eliminating the two main targets with a Janbiya Knife. You’ll need to add that particular weapon to your loadout before starting the mission. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you’ll need to head to another suitably warm location and attain Mastery Level 10 in Marrakesh.

September 7

New Challenge: Patient 47

Our next unlock for September is also based on the HITMAN 3 campaign and events near it’s dramatic conclusion. Although it’s probably not needed to avoid spoilers here, we’ll do so anyway. The Patient 47 suit is perfect for very particular types of social gatherings or those rare occasions where you allow yourself to become the subject of human experimentation. This look will definitely turn heads.

To unlock the Subject 47 suit, you’ll need to complete the Patient 47 challenge by heading to Hokkaido and specifically the Patient Zero mission. For this one, you’ll need to do a few different things. First, get infected by the virus. (If you haven’t played the mission before, you’re in for a treat!) Then, you’ll need to lie down on a bed or morgue table before completing the mission. Achieve all of that in a single playthrough and you’ll be able to take this unique suit to any location throughout the World of Assassination.

September 7

Featured Contracts: Happy Birthday 47

640509040147. Hidden within those famous barcode numbers are the closest thing to what Agent 47 can call a birthday. To celebrate in the most fitting way, we tasked Hitman Forum with creating some Contracts befitting of the occasion. The outcome is a batch of contracts that are now in-game and ready for you to play.

September 15

Elusive Target: The Surgeons

Later in the month, we’re heading back to Hokkaido to take on a returning Elusive Target mission – and one with two targets. Originally released as the 21st Elusive Target in HITMAN 1, this mission is unique in several ways – one being an optional elimination method that is requested by the client. Pay close attention to the briefing here should you choose to take that route. As always, you’ll have 10 days to complete this time-limited mission.

September 29

Elusive Target: The Entertainer

We round out September with another returning Elusive Target: The Entertainer. In Marrakesh by night, aka A House Built on Sand, you’ll have two objectives. Eliminate Phillip Giggles and retrieve his Guest List. Both objectives are mandatory this time.

Again, you’ll have 10 days to complete this mission and at that point we’ll be into October, which brings us on to something else.

October Preview

Coming Soon...

Elusive Target: The Drop

For October, we’re preparing a special roadmap that features a brand-new Elusive Target, featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas.

Known as ‘The Drop’, Dimitri will take on the role of a DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another. We’ve already revealed that the mission will feature Dimitri’s likeness and voiceover work and full details will be coming next month.

Until then, catch up with the Mission Reveal Trailer that we recently released at Gamescom.

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Summer Roadmap

Finally, remember to revisit the full Summer Roadmap that includes some content also rolling out in September. The Chameleon Elusive Target is live right now and The Ascensionist is arriving on September 8th.

September 1

Elusive Target: The Chameleon - Year 3

Showcase your unmatched talent for the art of deception with this Elusive Target. Your "hey, that wasn't me" skills will be put to the ultimate test as The Chameleon makes his return on the infamous apricot farm/ Mercenary Camp in Colorado. Your objective is to identify and eliminate The Chameleon while making it appear as if it were an unfortunate accident.

September 8

Elusive Target: The Ascensionist - Year 3

Gear up for September 8th as we return to the golden city of Dubai. Your target is the one and only con artist extraordinaire, The Ascensionist, who possesses an uncanny ability to scale the social ladder using any means necessary. Her journey of deception and mayhem has led her straight to Dubai, and that's where your paths intersect.

Come September 8 show her that gravity has a way of catching up with those who try to climb too high. Remember, the higher they ascend, the harder they fall, and you’ll be there to witness it firsthand.