Roadmaps March 24, 2023

HITMAN - Spring Roadmap

Spring has arrived in The World of Assassination, and with it comes lots to do throughout the season. This season will feature: Year 3 Elusive Targets so that everyone can play, new unlocks, player created content, Free locations rotations, an Easter event for Free Starter Pack players, and a game update. There’s plenty to be excited about. Let’s take a closer look at what’s to come this Spring in HITMAN World of Assassination.

March Content

March 17

Elusive Target: The Heartbreaker - Year 3

The wedding planner from hell is back in Mendoza and live as we type this blog. Spring's first Elusive Target is supposed to make dream weddings become a reality, but you’ll rarely have a fairytale ending with him involved. He has his own unique way of breaking the hearts of his victims and Agent 47 has been tasked with making sure there will be no more. You’ll have 10 days and one chance to eliminate him.

March 24

Elusive Target: The Broker - Year 3

Your target is Howard Moxon, an international antiquities trader who specializes in selling priceless art to finance terrorist organizations. He is currently involved in the sale of the Ivory White, a filigree egg looted during the Second World War. The client has requested that you both eliminate the target and locate and retrieve the original Ivory White. The Broker will be in Paris starting March 24, and you’ll have 10 days to take him out.

March 30

Seasonal Event: Berlin Egg Hunt

Attention Free starter pack players (and players who haven’t played). The Berlin Egg Hunt is coming back this easter. But this time around, you can unlock both The Raver suits with and without the mask. Play the challenge and complete the egg hunt and the suits are yours to keep. If you haven’t played the Berlin Egg hunt now is the perfect opportunity to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Featured Contracts: Happy Easter!

The creative souls from the HITMAN community strikes again! This time, the theme is EASTER and they will deliver 10 eggcellent contracts for you to play. You can still add your contribution. Jump on over to the HITMAN Forum and give it your best shot. 🐰

March 31

Elusive Target: The Collector - Year 3

Following on from The Heartbreaker in Mendoza and The Broker in Paris, we turn our attention to Dartmoor where The Collector is the third Elusive Target to be featured this Spring.

You’ll have 10 days to eliminate him, starting on March 31. As with all Year 3 Editions of Elusive Targets, all HITMAN owners will be able to take on the contract, whether or not they have previously played the contract. Either way, a successful completion will count towards unlocking ET suits via challenges.

April Content

April 13

Featured Contracts: Spring Cleaning!

In April we once again invite our community to create their own HITMAN stories and contracts. The April Theme will be Spring Cleaning, so swing by the hitmanforum like Mr. clean, and get your submissions in before they close. The submission thread will open on March 31.

Free Location Rotation: Paris

Capitale de l'Amour ❤ The city of love also known as Paris is back on our Free Location Rotation. Discover everything this beautiful and very lovable location has to offer. From the first mission in the WoA Trilogy to the upcoming Elusive Target – The Forger.


April 14

Elusive Target: The Forger - Year 3

The Forger aka Mr Larin, as he’s known by his friends, was the first Elusive Target ever released back in 2016. This will be the third time he can be eliminated in the city of love. He’ll be in town for 10 days.

Bonne chance!

April 21

Elusive Target: The Serial Killer - Year 3

Your target is a respectable businessman visiting the nice and calm neighborhood of Whittleton Creek, as he’s “considering” buying a house there… again. But unbeknownst to the residents, he is in fact a seasonal serial killer known as The Censor, who ‘grades’ his victims based on how much they struggled. Yikes.

He’s now on the hunt for his next victim, and this is where you come in. Find The Censor and make sure he never grades anyone again.

The Serial Killer will arrive in HITMAN on April 21 and be active for 10 days.

April 28

Elusive Target: The Rage - Year 3

THIS TEXT COULD BE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS AS THIS TARGET IS KNOW FOR HIS TEMPER! But we won’t. This HITMAN Elusive Target takes Agent 47 back to Chongqing for a time-limited title match. This Elusive Target packs a punch!

Your target’s codename is ‘The Rage’ and he’s arrived in Chongqing but might not hang around for too long. He’s a former middleweight champion who’s on the run for taking one fight too far. He didn’t get the nickname ‘Crusher’ for no reason, so make sure you’re on your toes for this fight night.

Your match begins on April 28, and will be ongoing for 10 days. Hit first and hit hard.

May Content

May 11

Game Update 3.150

First patch for HITMAN WoA is coming in May. Patch 3.150 will feature a bunch of fixes that has been reported by our community and we're adding a lot of QoL improvement to the whole game in general. Among all the fixes is the known issue regarding GPU memory leak (VRAM).

This patch will also have many tweaks, fixes, adjustments and QoL improvements specifically for HITMAN Freelancer.

Full patch notes and more information will come closer to May 11.

New HITMAN Challenge: Boom Beats Blah w. unlock.

What will explode shortly after being thrown, but is also sharp enough to kill on impact? The exploding Pen, that’s what. On May 11, this very useful pen can be yours after you complete the new challenge called Boom Beats Blah where you need to Eliminate Craig Black with an explosion while he is reading.


HITMAN Freelancer Challenge: The HITMAN w. unlock

On May 11 we also add an awesome unlock to the HITMAN Freelancer challenge “The HITMAN”. Here the task is relatively straight forward, however not easy. You need to complete a Freelancer campaign with the Hardcore Mode Enabled. When you’re successful, you’ll unlock The Black Bruiser Suit. Maybe the most appropriate suit to wear after a full hardcore campaign.

Good luck and stay frosty!

If you’ve already completed "The HITMAN Challenge “in HITMAN Freelancer, you’ll automatically get the suit unlocked and added to your inventory when it becomes available.

Contracts Mode Enabled on the ICA Training Facility.

From May 11 you can turn your favorite training yacht into your very own playground. We’re enabling Contracts mode on the ICA Training Facility. Get cracking, in this relatively safe entermeted.

Curated Contracts: The Intern

First Curator is in the house, literally. And he’s making a set of Contracts for you to enjoy. They’ll all be available on May 11. A perfect place for you to take your new unlocks for a spin. More info to follow...

Free Location Rotation: Sapienza

Do you need a break from the mundane everyday life? Then go to the little coastal town of Sapienza. This little thin slice of Italian coastal beauty is a great place for an ice-cold gelato or to go spelunking in an underground science facility. Sapienza – has it all. Enjoy it 10 days for free starting May 11.

May 12

Elusive Target: The Deceivers - Year 3

Mark your calendars for May 12, as you'll have the opportunity to take down two high-value targets: Congressman Anthony L. Troutt and Richard J. Magee. Despite their seemingly unrelated backgrounds, these two targets have a secret partnership aimed at thwarting Troutt's political opponents. Magee, at Troutt's behest, targets the vulnerable yet formidable adversaries, exploiting and ultimately destroying them. The Deceivers are coming to Sapienza on May 12, and you have only one shot to eliminate them both.

May 19

Elusive Target: The Revolutionary - Year 3

Get ready for the return of The Revolutionary! Vicente Murillo is set to resume his patrol in Santa Fortuna, starting May 19 and lasting for 10 days. If you've faced him before, you know exactly how to deal with him. Best of luck!

May 26

Elusive Target: The Liability - Year 3

The world’s worst construction inspector is back Berlin for a limited time. He might be a slacker and lazy – but don’t let that fool you. He’s roaming the Berlin night club for 10 days starting May 26.

That wraps up Spring in HITMAN World of Assassination with lots to do the coming months. But we have more coming through Year 3 of HITMAN.

The road ahead

We’re just getting started, look forward to more Year 3 versions of Elusive Targets, as well as a chance to catch up on any Years 2 targets you may have missed. In addition, we will be introducing new unlocks, challenges, and a fresh escalation for you to sink your teeth into. We'll also be rolling out game patches throughout the year packed with fixes, tweaks and QoL improvements.


Keep in mind that some details may change as this is a tentative production plan, but this timeline should give you a good sense of what's to come in HITMAN World of Assassination in the months ahead.