Roadmaps November 9, 2023

HITMAN - Winter Roadmap

Winter has arrived in the World of Assassination, and to celebrate we’ve prepared a Winter Roadmap stretching from November into early January. Featuring long requested unlocks and some returning festive favourites. Let’s take a closer look at what’s to come this Winter in HITMAN World of Assassination.

November Content

November 9

Challenge Pack: Cloud Nine

Unlock the Sunset Rubber Duck, Orange Pinstripe Briefcase and White Sunset Suit in this brand-new Challenge Pack. Travel to Whittleton Creek, Hokkaido and Ambrose Island to complete the Cloud Nine Challenges and be rewarded with these long requested unlocks! 

Featured Contracts: Wiggles Music Mayhem

Get ready for some music-themed contract mayhem this month! Including such classics as: 

‘Hit Me Bangkok One More Time‘ 


‘White Noise’  

And much, much more! 

November 23

Challenge: Public Enemy

Absolve in this stylish black suit, with black driving gloves and an elegant black stetson to match. Sure to pack a punch with anyone who refuses. 

Make sure your SMG or Assault Rifle skills are up to snuff before taking on the Public Enemy Challenge.  

December 7

Challenge: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Christmas sweaters get a famously bad rap. Itchy? Yes. Ugly? Depends on who you ask. But these festive garments do have at least one positive quality to consider: They mask suspicious red stains very well.

Return to Holiday Hoarders on December 7th and compete this brand-new event to unlock this festive Cozy Christmas Suit.  

December + January Content

December 21

Hokkaido Snow Festival

The Hokkaido Snow Festival returns on December 21st for all players! The perfect mission to get into the Holiday Spirit! If this is your first time playing the Hokkaido Snow Festival, don’t miss your chance to unlock the Snow Festival suit! 

December 22

Elusive Target Galore

Hungry for more Elusive Targets to complete your challenges? During the holiday season we’ll be making a whole bunch of returning Elusive Targets available for you to complete! More information coming shortly.